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About the Pfister Hotel?

Pfister Hotel Milwaukee near Milwaukee, WI

The Pfister Hotel is celebrating 125 years in 2018. Worked in 1893, the Pfister Hotel has been a downtown Milwaukee lodging symbol for well finished a century. As one of the Midwest’s head lavish lodgings in Milwaukee, it keeps on praising a great convention of benevolent administration and perfect style. From the minute visitors arrive they’ll see the unprecedented design all around punctuated by an inviting feeling from staff and individual visitors alike.


Visitors of the chief extravagance Milwaukee lodging appreciate predominant facilities with radiant decorations, all day and all-night world-class individual administration, and remote, fast web get to. Unwind, invigorate and reenergize realizing that the whole office is sans smoke. Visit the 23rd story and see Lake Michigan with the view from Blu, Milwaukee’s most advanced martini and wine bar.


For ages The Pfister lodging has been known for holding renowned functions and rich downtown Milwaukee weddings. Whatever the event, an occasion at The Pfister is one for the ages. Plan an uncommon occasion or a gathering in the extravagance occasion spaces. As one of the best lodgings in Milwaukee, this hotel is known for stunning administration and style. Their notoriety for flawlessness, combined with the devotion and energy that the staff put into every day, guarantees to make your occasion an exceptional one.


Found a short distance from the shores of Lake Michigan, visitors of The Pfister Hotel appreciate a four-star luxury in the core of Milwaukee. Summerfest Grounds, alongside different historical centers, theater, shopping, nightlife and eating goals inside strolling separation. The Pfister is in the focal point, all things considered, when visiting this area of the city.

The Pfister Hotel, worked in 1893 has been the head downtown Milwaukee Inn for over a century, and keeps on commending a convention of charitable administration and immaculate style. From the minute you arrive, you’ll see the unprecedented design, and an inviting climate set apart by an extremely valuable Victorian workmanship accumulation which matches that of any inn on the planet.


A really restrictive ordeal, The Pfister Club Lounge is accessible for visitors who hold a Club Room or move up to Club Access in any visitor room. The Club is situated on the 23rd story in the Tower. Visitors should consider booking it to make their stay at Pfister even better.

Pfister Hotel Milwaukee

424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Latitude: 43.039262777778
Longitude: -87.905625833333

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